HRT in Oklahoma City

Hormone Therapy

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The Basics of HRT

Sessions Needed:

2 to 4 per year


5 to 7 days

Initial Results Seen In

2 weeks

Results Duration

Can range from 3 to 6 months

Hormone Therapy Treatments

Finding Your Balance

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Hormones impact your energy, physical health, weight, libido, and more. When your hormones play such a major role in your overall well-being, it’s important for them to be at the right levels—you’ll feel it when they’re not.

When something is off-balance, come to Bliss Medical Spa for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in Oklahoma City. Our experts will help restore your body’s hormone balance and improve your health and wellness with the help of bioidentical hormones.

About Hormone Therapy Treatments

What It Treats

Sexual health

Skin and hair health


Weight gain


Low libido

Some Benefits of HRT


Despite the significant impact HRT in Oklahoma City can have, it’s a relatively simple process. We’ll test and identify where your hormone levels are out of balance, and then tailor our treatment to compensate for those concerns.


We use bioidentical hormones, which mimic your body’s natural hormones and can be accepted seamlessly to have effective results. Low libido, fatigue, weight gain, and more can all be improved by balancing your hormones.


While there are different ranges for your ideal hormone levels, each patient who comes to us is different. We pay attention to your unique needs and fine-tune your hormone replacement therapy to help maximize your results.

What to Expect

The Hormone Therapy Process

  • 1


    When you come in for a consultation, you’ll first be greeted by our welcoming staff, and then you’ll be taken into your consultation room to speak privately with your provider. Together, you’ll discuss your concerns and goals for treatment to determine how HRT in Oklahoma City can benefit you. Through this collaborative approach, we’ll develop a plan that works for your lifestyle and will help you reach your goals.

  • 2


    Treatment involving AquaFirmExs is something to look forward to! Your skin will be cleansed and hydrated while you relax and enjoy a soothing experience. If desired, we can add dermaplaning, extractions, microdermabrasion, and/or microneedling to your experience, increasing your rejuvenation even more!

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    Your treatment approach will be unique, and it may involve the insertion of a hormone pellet. In this case, we will numb your treatment area and make a small incision, typically on a discreet area such as the hip. The small pellet is inserted under the skin, where it will sit and be gradually absorbed over the course of the next several months.

The Science Behind HRT

Hormones can naturally become unbalanced as a result of age, menopause, and other common causes. At Bliss Medical Spa, our approach to HRT in Oklahoma City includes bioidentical hormones to help restore your body’s balance and control unwanted symptoms. With regular, routine visits a few times a year, you can maintain healthy hormone levels and better wellness.

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No matter where you’re at in your aesthetics journey, there’s a place for you at Bliss Medical Spa. Our team is dedicated to our craft, our service, and, most of all, helping you be the best version of yourself based on your personal goals. At Bliss, we keep it real. So whether you’re looking for preventative care or robust rejuvenation, we’ve got the tools and treatments you need.

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