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Vaginal Wellness

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Basics on Vaginal Wellness Treatments

Sessions Needed:



7 days

Initial Results Seen In

7 to 14 days

Results Duration

1 to 2 years

Vaginal Wellness Treatments

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Vaginal dryness can lead to pain and discomfort, most often noticed during sexual intercourse. With causes ranging from hormonal shifts to natural aging, you don’t have to simply live with it. Instead, Bliss Medical Spa offers vaginal dryness treatment in Oklahoma City to restore moisture and confidence.

The FemTouch device is a noninvasive, hormone-free treatment that improves vaginal health with the help of laser technology. Learn more about this gentle yet effective treatment by scheduling a consultation with one of our providers!

About Vaginal Wellness Treatments

What It Treats

Vaginal health

Lack of lubrication

Vaginal laxity

Tissue atrophy

Loss of sensitivity

Low collagen

Lichen sclerosis

Urinary incontinence

Benefits of Vaginal Treatment


If you’re not interested in hormone-based therapy yet still need vaginal dryness treatment in Oklahoma City, the FemTouch device could be an excellent option for you. The laser gently resurfaces the vaginal wall, letting your hormone levels remain unaffected while still achieving desired results.


FemTouch is excellent for addressing vaginal dryness, but it can also improve any laxity, low sensitivity, or urinary incontinence you may be experiencing. It’s a versatile and reliable treatment, requiring only 3 sessions and minimal downtime.


The results of vaginal dryness treatment will last for 1 to 2 years, giving you ample opportunity to make the most of your improved vaginal health. Occasional maintenance treatments can also help prolong your results.

What to Expect

The Vaginal Wellness Process

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    Such an important part of your vaginal dryness treatment in Oklahoma City is simply the consultation. When you arrive, you’ll first be greeted by our welcoming staff, and then you’ll be taken into your consultation room to speak privately with your provider. We’ll listen to your concerns and goals, and then use this information to determine whether the FemTouch treatment is right for you.

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    Before beginning treatment, your provider will do everything they can to make sure you are comfortable and ready for treatment. The device’s probe is carefully inserted into the vaginal canal, where the laser is then applied to the vaginal walls. The laser triggers new, healthy tissue growth as well as increased collagen production, which can lead to increased overall vaginal wellness.

  • 3


    Initial results can be seen just 1 to 2 weeks following your first session, but final results will become noticeable shortly after completing your full treatment regimen. With just 3 total sessions, relatively minimal downtime of 7 days, and up to 2 years of results, improving your vaginal health is easy!

The Science Behind Vaginal Treatments

Healthy vaginal tissue plays a big role in your overall sexual wellness. The laser technology of the FemTouch device resurfaces the vaginal walls—and, aside from a slight warming sensation, it should be a painless procedure. Collagen production is triggered by the treatment, leading to several improvements; you’ll have less laxity, increased sensation, better lubrication, and more enjoyment in the bedroom.

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