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Fillers at a Glance

Sessions Needed:

1 to 2



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Results Duration

6 months to 5 years

Filler Treatments

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Dermal filler injections are a go-to treatment for anyone looking to refine their facial contours and enhance their natural beauty. Using a wide array of fillers, injectables restore lost volume, smooth away wrinkles, and provide a boost to your complexion.

At Bliss Medical Spa, our experts will create your very own personalized treatment plan using facial and/or lip filler in Oklahoma City. Strategic filler selection and skilled injections produce natural results that you will love!

About Facial & Lip Filler Treatments

What It Treats

Wrinkles, lines & creases

Facial folds

Sagging skin

Hollow temples

Deflated cheeks

“Weak” chin

Undefined jawline

Deflated, wrinkled lips

A Closer Look at Facial & Lip Fillers


Placing injections can take as little as 15 minutes, and the results are immediate. Some appointments may take longer, depending on the number of injections, but with little to no downtime, you can get right back to your day.


Strategically placed injections enhance your natural beauty without looking overdone. With our expertise, you’ll look like a refreshed version of yourself—no one else.


We offer a wide range of facial and lip fillers in Oklahoma City, which allows us to fully customize your injections to your unique anatomy and to meet your aesthetic goals.

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What to Expect

The Facial & Lip Filler Process

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    When you visit Bliss Medical Spa for facial or lip filler in Oklahoma City, your first step is a consultation with one of our expert injectors. We’ll take the time to examine your skin as we get to know you and your aesthetic goals. Then, we’ll curate a custom treatment plan to help you achieve them! For injections, we can often consult and treat on the same day.

  • 2


    You’ll sit back and relax in a comfortable treatment chair while your provider cleanses and preps your skin. Before getting started, they’ll map the placement of your injections. Most patients find the injections tolerable, but to increase your comfort, we may use a topical numbing cream, especially if you’re getting multiple injections.

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    After your appointment, you’ll likely notice immediate results! There may be bruising or redness at the injection site and swelling that should disappear within a few days. While there’s no required downtime, you may want to avoid eating or drinking until the numbing has worn off, particularly if you received lip filler.

What are fillers made of?

There are multiple types of fillers on the market. Most fillers use a form of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a substance our body naturally produces. HA helps your skin and lips retain moisture and adds volume. We inject fillers into the skin to replace HA that’s been lost over time or to build on your body’s natural anatomy.

At Bliss, we are experts with extensive training and experience injecting multiple types of fillers including hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) and Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA).

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No matter where you’re at in your aesthetics journey, there’s a place for you at Bliss Medical Spa. Our team is dedicated to our craft, our service, and, most of all, helping you be the best version of yourself based on your personal goals. At Bliss, we keep it real. So whether you’re looking for preventative care or robust rejuvenation, we’ve got the tools and treatments you need.

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