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Brow Microblading

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A Glance at Brows

Sessions Needed:

Up to 2 treatments


Up to 2 weeks

Initial Results Seen In


Results Duration

Permanent makeup 2 to 3 years; Lamination and tint 3 weeks

Brow Microblading Treatments

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Your brows truly set the stage for your face. They add balance to your features and draw attention to your eyes, but not everyone is born with their ideal brow shape and density.

Instead, at Bliss Medical Spa, we can use brow tint, lamination, permanent makeup, or microblading in Oklahoma City to refine your brows. Our experts can help bring out the very best in your features with their variety of techniques.

About Brow Microblading Treatments

What It Treats

Brow definition

Brow shape

Benefits of Brow Microblading


The effects of our brow services can have a remarkable impact on your features, all while still having a color, shape, and structure that looks natural and well-suited to your overall facial structure.


Microblading and permanent makeup give a much more attractive, full look to brows, and the effects will last for years before needing any touch-ups. The process is similar to that of a tattoo, but not meant to be fully permanent, so you can change your brows as your preferences shift.


When it comes to creating your perfect brows, we pay attention to what you’re envisioning, as well as what will be most complementary to your features. We’re here to help you look your best!

What to Expect

The Brow Microblading Process

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    A consultation will help us understand what your goals are for your brows. By talking with you, we can get an idea as to whether brow tint, lamination, permanent makeup, or microblading in Oklahoma City will be the best option for you. Then we can discuss what shape, color, and structure you want your brows to have, as well as any other aesthetic services you’d like done.

  • 2


    If you’re receiving brow tint or lamination, the process is quick and easy! We’ll color and shape your brows according to your preferences, and you’ll be on your way. With microblading or permanent makeup, the process may take slightly longer, as the experience is similar to getting a tattoo. Pigment is deposited into the skin with a specialized tool, giving long-lasting results.

  • 3


    Brow tint or lamination can last for up to 3 weeks. This simple procedure is a great way to maintain perfect brows while still having the option to make frequent changes to your look. Alternatively, permanent makeup and microblading may require an additional touch-up session shortly after your first appointment, but your results will last 1 to 2 years. You can enjoy maintenance-free brows for months!

The Science Behind Microblading

Microblading in Oklahoma City involves the use of a specialized tool that makes tiny, superficial cuts in the skin of your brows. Your provider makes these cuts in a way that mimics the natural shape of your brow, creating the illusion of individual hairs. Pigment is then deposited into these cuts, creating long-lasting fullness and definition to match your vision.

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