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Lips & Lashes at a Glance

Sessions Needed:

1 or 2 for lip blushing; 1 for laminations and tints



Initial Results Seen In


Results Duration

Lip blushing lasts 2 years; Lash lift and tint lasts 3 weeks

Lash Lifts & Lips Treatments

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Take the stress and hustle out of your daily morning routine with the help of lip blushing, a lash tint, or a lash lift in Oklahoma City. At Bliss Medical Spa, we’re here to help you build upon your natural beauty, bringing out the very best in your features.

With the help of our expert providers, you can wake up every morning looking refreshed and ready to face the day! Discover the possibilities during your personal consultation.

About Lash Lifts & Lips Treatments

What It Treats

Lip blushing helps lips look fuller and more defined

Lash lift raises and curls lashes

Lash tint darkens the lashes to make them appear longer and more voluminous

Benefits of Lip & Lash Services


Forget about the days of rushing to put on your makeup before you race out the door for the day. No more checking yourself in the bathroom mirror to see your mascara has smudged. Our lip and lash services let you look your best every day.


Instead of spending time applying your makeup, all you have to do is drop in for a quick and easy service from your Bliss Medical Spa provider. You’ll be on your way in no time, with lashes and lips that will make you do a double-take.


Lip blushing can last for up to 2 years! On the other hand, lash tints and lash lifts in Oklahoma City last for 3 weeks, giving you plenty of opportunity to change up your look and experiment.

What to Expect

The Lash Lifts & Lips Process

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    We’re excited to get to know you! When you come for your consultation, we’ll sit down with you and talk about what you’re looking for, including lip blushing, lash tints, and lash lifts in Oklahoma City. You can share what looks and styles you like most, and we’ll determine how we can turn your vision into a reality. Plus, we can also talk about any other services you’d like to have done!

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    Lip blushing is a semi-permanent service that adds color to your lips and lip line, performed similarly to the application of a tattoo. Pigment is deposited into the skin of your lips, creating the appearance of natural vibrancy. Alternatively, lash tinting involves the application of semi-permanent color to your lashes, whereas a lash lift uses a specialized serum and lash wand to amplify the appearance of your lashes.

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    The results of your lash services may last up to 3 weeks! Lash lifts and tints are excellent options for a one-time treat or easy, regular maintenance. Lip blushing will last up to 2 years, and may require an additional appointment shortly after your initial service to apply any necessary finishing touches.

The Science Behind Lash Lifts

Lash lifts in Oklahoma City create beautiful, natural-looking lashes that are low-maintenance and easy to maintain. The solution curls your lashes and adds that extra oomph to your look without appearing overdone. Lash lifts are an easy way to wake up in the morning looking like your best self.

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