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Body Sculpting

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A Quick Look at TruBody

Sessions Needed:

2 for each area treated



Initial Results Seen In

8 to 12 weeks

Results Duration

Permanent with maintenance

Body Sculpting Treatments

Define Your Figure

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Body sculpting in Oklahoma City helps you reduce fat, build more muscle, and firm any loose skin in places you might have struggled to address through diet and exercise alone. If you have areas of your body you’d like to refine with a non-invasive treatment and are near your ideal weight, you may be a great candidate for TruBody.

When you come to Bliss Medical Spa, we can cater your treatment plan to target those frustrating areas. Learn more by scheduling an appointment today!

About Body Sculpting Treatments

What It Treats

Stubborn pockets of fat

Muscle sculpting

Muscle definition

Benefits of TruBody


With treatments that only take 15 to 30 minutes, stubborn areas of fat will be reduced, and muscles will be strengthened. You’re in and out of our office quickly, and you can expect the same when coming in for your maintenance sessions.


We offer a customized approach to body sculpting in Oklahoma City, including fat reduction and muscle tightening! During your consultation, we’ll discuss your goals for treatment and the areas where you want to see results.

Proven Results

We offer one of the best options for fat reduction and muscle tightening in the area! Our clients see results within a month or two, and those results are easy to maintain with repeated TruSculpt Flex appointments.

What to Expect

The Body Sculpting Process

  • 1


    The first step in our process is the consultation! Those who want body sculpting in Oklahoma City will first come in to meet with one of our experts. During this consultation, we’ll discuss your concerns, your goals for treatment, and areas you’d like to focus on. Together, we’ll decide if TruBody is right for you and begin developing your treatment plan.

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    Once you have set up your appointment, be sure to avoid strenuous exercise for the 12 hours leading up to your session, as this could affect how your body tolerates the treatment. You should also be hydrated when you arrive for your appointment. During your treatment session, the TruSculpt iD device targets and kills fat cells, meanwhile the TruSculpt Flex strengthens and tones your muscles—all while you can comfortably relax.

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    You should be able to see results 8 to 12 weeks after your treatment series is complete, and proper maintenance and healthy habits will prolong your results. For instance, TruSculpt Flex can be used during your maintenance sessions to keep your muscles tight and toned, meanwhile TruSculpt iD can continue to manage your fat cells.

How TruBody Works

TruBody is a customizable treatment to reduce fat and sculpt muscle, and it’s one of the most advanced treatments for body sculpting in Oklahoma City. This full-circle solution pairs the power of two devices—TruSculpt iD and TruSculpt Flex—to maximize results and help you achieve your goals faster. TruSculpt iD strengthens and tones your muscles, while TruSculpt iD reduces fat cells in the area. This treatment is quick, comfortable, and adjusted for your needs.

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