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Up to 2 years

Face Threading Treatments

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Let your features be lifted—without the downtime of invasive surgery—with the help of face threading in Oklahoma City! With an expert Bliss Medical Spa provider, InstaLift Threads can reduce the look of sagging skin in your mid-face and jawline area.

InstaLift Thread involves the use of dissolving thread sutures, which are applied beneath the skin with a simple needle. These sutures lift and reposition your skin into the desired position, creating wonderful, long-lasting results that you can enjoy for up to 2 years.

About FacE THREADING Treatments

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A Closer Look at InstaLift Threads


Placing threads can take as little as 45 minutes, and the results are nearly immediate. Downtime is just a brief 1 to 2 weeks, after which you can get back to your life with visible, lifted results!


Strategically placed threads enhance your natural beauty and lift your skin to reduce the signs of aging. You’ll look like a refreshed version of yourself!


Face threading in Oklahoma City is suitable for a variety of concerns and skin types, and our experts customize your procedure to suit your unique anatomy and goals.

What to Expect

The InstaLift Threads Process

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    When you visit Bliss Medical Spa for face threading in Oklahoma City, your first step is a consultation with one of our experts. We’ll take the time to examine your skin as we get to know your aesthetic goals, and then we’ll make a custom treatment plan just for you! Once we’ve determined that InstaLift Threads are a suitable treatment for you, we can schedule your appointment.

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    You’ll sit back and relax in a comfortable treatment chair while your provider cleanses and preps your skin, and a local anesthetic can be used to prevent discomfort during the treatment process. Before getting started, they’ll map the placement of threads. The dissolvable sutures are then inserted under the skin using a fine needle, which lifts and repositions sagging skin to help create your ideal look.

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    After your appointment, you’ll likely notice immediate results! There may be some redness and swelling at the site where threads have been placed, and you can anticipate 1 to 2 weeks of downtime following the procedure. However, after this period of time has passed, you can enjoy the results of face threading in Oklahoma City for up to two years. The threads will naturally and gradually dissolve over time.

How Do InstaLift Threads Work?

InstaLift Threads are a nonsurgical way to reduce sagging skin. Performed by an experienced professional at Bliss Medical Spa, dissolvable sutures are placed just underneath the skin in the subcutaneous fat layer. The cheeks and jowls are lifted and held in place by these sutures, minimizing the signs of aging and promoting your natural beauty.

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